Early Travel Tips For The World Cup

World Cup Brazil

It’s rare that a single event at a single destination captures the attention and imagination of the entire planet, but the World Cup manages to do it every four years. In keeping with this pattern, Brazil is a very hot topic for summer travel in 2014. Visiting the World Cup is different depending on where […]

Best Surf Spots in El Salvador

Playa El Tunco

El Salvador is known world-wide as a great surf destination and now the country is safe and easy to travel around.  El Salvador’s entire Pacific coast is lined with beaches but the best spots are located on La Costa del Balsamo on the west side of the country.   The beaches are typically black sand and […]

Guatemala: Top Things to See and Do in Antigua

Parque Central, Antigua

Without question Antigua is one of Guatemala’s most popular destinations.  It surely lives up to the stereotype of the “charming colonial town” trapped in time.  Even the name “Antigua” sounds exotic and immune to the changes of the outside world.  Yes, Antigua can offer you this picture perfect setting if you are able to overlook […]

Honduras: Mayan Copan Ruins Price List

Copan Ruins, Honduras

The Mayan ruins at Copan are some of the most fascinating remnants of the Mayan classical period in Central America…and by far the best examples in Honduras.  They are located on the western tip of Honduras near the border of Guatemala just outside the town of Copan.  Yes, the ruins and the town share the […]

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