Top 8 Things To Do in Bordeaux

Column of the Girondins

Located in southwestern France, 60 kilometers east of the Atlantic Ocean, this wine famous city has a lot to offer; it has witnessed many civilizations and is now a UNESCO heritage site. It was used as the basis of modern Paris’ architecture and recently, buildings in most neighborhoods were cleaned giving it the reputation of […]

Prague: A Walk Through History

Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague is simply beautiful and overwhelming. Every standing building is a piece of art. It is old and has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations from the Romans all the way to the communists, two millennia later. If the walls and stones could talk, they would each have a history lesson to share. […]

Exploring Finland: Helsinki in the Summer

Helsinki, Finland

A stylish and compact seaside capital city, with all the charms of Europe, which really comes alive in the summer, Helsinki is hip and laidback, with an air of elegance and coolness that is felt as soon as you step in the city. From airy, open parks to crowded bars and clubs, there really is […]

Romania: Top Things to See and Do (Tourist Attractions)


Unspoiled country side with green rolling hills, castles and fortresses, towns rich in history and cities vibrant with night life and shopping describe Romania to a tee. There is something for everyone in this underrated country nestled in Eastern Europe. Because of its relative compactness, and well connected transport system, you can catch a train, […]

Where are the Best Casinos Asia has to Offer?


Asia has become the continent to be reckoned with when it comes to tourism. With new developments, modernization and a huge effort to be a tourist draw, many Asian countries are coming up the ranks to become the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The biggest casino complex in the world is located in […]

Indonesia: The Kai Islands (Kei Islands)

Kai Islands

Nestled into the turquoise waters of the Banda Sea, the largely untraveled Kai islands are a microscopic jewel in the Indonesian Archipelago. With the vast majority of backpackers and travellers skipping these paradise isles for the easier prey of Sulawesi, Bali and Lombok, nine times out of ten you will be the only Robinson Crusoe […]

New Zealand: Exploring Rotorua


Rotorua is based on the North Island of New Zealand, in the Bay of Plenty region. It is nicknamed “Sulphur City” due to the rotten egg smell coming from the thick sulphuric deposits hidden around the city. It is a popular destination for both local and international tourists due to its unique geothermal springs, geysers […]

Paris, France: Public Spaces in the Right Bank

Jardin de Tuileries

A little known fact about Paris is that it had a very long time ban on walking and therefore sitting on the grass in its numerous public parks, squares and gardens. Luckily, for locals and tourists alike, this ban was lifted in 1997 and hence most of its hundreds of parks and gardens are now […]

Exploring New Zealand: Lake Wanaka


Wanaka is a picturesque lake town nestled in amongst snowy mountain peaks. It is situated 67km from Queenstown. The best way to get there is by flying into Queenstown Airport, and then catching an InterBus bus or renting a car and taking the quaint drive through Cardona Valley. You can visit Wanaka all year: summer […]

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