Falling For Fall in the Catskill Mountains

For the long Columbus Day weekend my boyfriend and I decided to leave New York City and visit some family in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We decided to spoil ourselves this time by spending two nights at a nearby bed and breakfast in Delaware County, NY. Becky’s Bed & Breakfast: (2406 State Highway 268, Hancock, NY 13783; […]

Canada is for [Food] Lovers

Last month my boyfriend and I took our first-ever road trip together. We left New York City and headed north. All the way north. To French Canada. We took a long weekend and spent two days each in Montréal and Québec City. Days 1 & 2: Montréal Where we stayed: The Gingerbread Manor (3445 Avenue […]

Coffee and Sunsets in the Land of Pura Vida

Quepos, Costa Rica, located five miles north of Manuel Antonio. No doubt that commercial growth has affected Costa Rica over recent years. Hotels and restaurants have sprung up at a rapid rate, and souvenir and surf shops have elbowed in alongside mini supers (short for mini supermarkets and similar to an American convenience store) among small […]

The Bikini Quest

I look forward to summer the way some people vie for promotions or marriage proposals. Sometime around February, when my will has been tested a little too far from chapped lips, snowdrifts that cover stop signs, leather boots that make it to my office weary from salt and mudpuddles, and once-new winter coats dingy from […]

Cruising in [Royal] Style

Back in November I took a five-day cruise to Mexico on Royal Caribbean. Once aboard, I learned within minutes you can find plenty to do regardless of age or the time of day. Of course, you can also do nothing at all. To help navigate through the onslaught of activities, many of which cost extra, […]