Guide to Elysian Park

Angeles Point, Elysian Park

What’s that big green splotch surrounding Dodger Stadium?….its none other than the often overlooked Elysian Park.  Despite being overshadowed by its massive neighbor to the north (Griffith Park), Elysian Park is still packed with things to see and do.  Its home to Dodger Stadium and just a few minutes from Downtown LA, Hollywood, and Silverlake/Echo […]

Rocky Mountain Snowboard and Ski Terms

Have you ever taken a trip up to the Rocky Mountains, tried to talk with the locals and not understand what the hell they were talking about?  Well I have, and I recently realized that the folks who live up in these small mountain towns of the Rocky Mountains have their own vernacular and terminology […]

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Sierra Leone

Following the better part of two decades of intermittent civil and tribal warfare, in recent years Sierra Leone has emerged as a beacon of how amicable reconciliation can make a country both wealthier, happier and much more accessible for overseas visitors. Tourism has been one of the driving forces in making the country a template […]

Travel Safety: How Dangerous is Thailand?

Thailand can be one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the planet, but it can also be one of the most dangerous. To those who travel extensively this warning may sound all too familiar, but don’t take it lightly. It is not uncommon to have certain dangers associated with popular tourist destinations. This is […]

Travel Safety: How Dangerous is Madagascar?

The island of Madagascar, located off the coast of Africa, is an unexpected tourist spot that is worth visiting. Known for its gorgeous and diverse landscape, it provides travelers the opportunity to visit thick jungles, swamps, deserts, and miles of stunning coast land. Visitors are able to view wildlife and foliage that they would likely […]

Travel Safety: How Dangerous is Bogota?

Deciding to visit Bogota is deciding to enter a wealth of history and culture not only of Colombia, but of many of its neighboring South American countries. Located just a few hours from the United States, Bogota is well known for its people’s diplomacy and education. Unfortunately, it is also known for its violence and […]