Paying Homage to The Lizard King

They come by the thousands from all parts of the world. Some were not yet born when The Lizard King reigned.  They leave trinkets, drugs and graffiti acclaiming him.  Jim Morrison was the songwriter and lead singer for The Doors.  He skyrocketed to fame with his iconic 1967 hit “Light My Fire”.  He continues to […]

Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Recoleta Cemetery

Some people think cemeteries are spooky and scary places.  Others, like myself, find them fascinating locations for art and history. La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is as if you had stepped into a marvelous sculpture garden instead of a necropolis.  All of the burials are in overground vaults, which could also be described as little […]

South Dakota: An Unexpected Surprise

I have planned on seeing all fifty states, but the Dakotas were low on my list due to their location.  I just couldn’t imagine any reason I would ever need to be in that vicinity.  One of my cousins announced he was getting married to a woman originally from Minneapolis and that was where the […]

Ireland: Turn Left at the Black and White Cow

I have driven on the opposite side of the road in many countries, but I never expected Ireland to be the most trying.  One of our major problems was that the car rental company thoughtfully upgraded us to a luxury vehicle.  How nice of them, I thought, as I got behind the wheel of a […]