Lice on the Road: How to Get Rid of Lice in 12 Easy Steps

Horror of horrors, you or a loved one picked up lice. Scream! What to do? This article is based on personal experience and lots of desperation-fueled internet research. It’s intended for people who got lice while traveling, like me. However, for the most part the advice applies to all cases of lice. Step 1: Do […]

Funky Filipino Flavors: Unique Food of the Philippines

It’s no Cambodia, but the Philippinescertainly has its fair share of unusual delicacies. A true gourmand could spend months encountering wild flavors, textures, and customs. Recounted here is a sampling of a few common dishes and ingredients. Sisig: If you’re like most travelers, your journey probably involves its fair share of happy hours. Depending on where […]