Rubble Rousing in a Changing China

Slowly, I rode. Letting the bicycle take me where it saw fit. On the outskirts of the city, I turned up a weary dirt path. In the distance, I could see big new construction under way. In its immediate shadow, I saw homes half demolished. Others, waiting their turn. The gears of the bicycle clicked. A grandmother was sitting in the […]

South India: Watered Down

The hull is splintered. Upside down. And forgotten. The remains of the tiny fishing vessel clutter the shore, but like the beauty of a colorfully abandoned conch, it continues to spread the Good Word. Did its owner survive the massive wave? A young girl and her friends have turned the wooden carcass into a playground. Jump! Child. […]

Mangalore, India: A Rising Fall

The rain is blinding. I tip-toe through the overwhelming, boundless sheet of water – and sole proprietor of the massive green fluorescence that surrounds me. A thick drop slaps my neck and mocks the futility of my umbrella, dripping ever so slowly down my back. The monsoon is in its third month. Just one month […]