Haunted Britain: England’s Spookiest Locations

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be bursting with excitement. In the spirit of this popular holiday, I’m inviting you to take a virtual tour of some of Britain’s spookiest locations. Halloween might be more of a big deal in countries like America and Ireland, but England tops […]

Historical Pub Crawl on King Street, Bristol

In the mid 18th century, Bristol was England’s second largest city and a hotbed for merchants and sailors who sailed across the Atlantic, importing exotic goods like cocoa, rum, tobacco and sugar. Bristol is well known for its maritime history, and taverns and alehouses along the harbour side (the majority of which had been established […]

Bath, England: Best Cookery Schools

You’ve sampled the delectable dishes Bath’s most prized restaurants and cafés have to offer, so what now? How about donning an apron and jumping behind the scenes into the kitchens of some of Bath’s best cooking schools, where new skills and recipes make for lifelong souvenirs that you can share with friends and family back […]

Anecdotes from an Amsterdam Hostel

With a looming cannabis ban for tourists on the horizon, it has never been more imperative for travellers who enjoy certain vices to visit Amsterdam. As one of the most expensive cities in Europe for hotel rooms, the idea was to stay in a hostel and cut costs where possible.  Originally, the thought of staying […]

Bristol: Britain’s Smiliest Place

Bristol is a great city to visit. Easy to get to by car, train or plane, it’s less claustrophobic than the crowded confines of London but manifests more vitality than most of the larger cities in the UK. Recognised as England’s first cycling city; the home of the world’s first commercially produced chocolate bar, and […]