Lisbon, Portugal: It was the Little Things

Dare I say you’ve not seen Lisbon until you’ve seen the inside of  one of the city’s slightly dirty, poorly lit emergency rooms, taking in the gawks of other patients as you shake like a crack fiend. I digress. Besides, this comes later. It was our fourth day of our Portugal road trip when the Swedes […]

Western Sweden: More than Meets the Ikea

If you’re reading this article, then we can all safely assume you know your geography a bit. Now, turn to your less-traveled friend ask them where exactly Sweden is located. If they mention anything about the Alps, they are wrong. Every Swede I know who has ventured past the borders of Scandinavia (and generally closer […]

¡Viva las Tapas!

Tapas are just tops. I don’t care who you are, I know for a fact that there is absolutely no way you would turn down a delicious snack or mini-meal with your beer or wine. Having devoured these little plates of goodness in many different Spanish cities, I am confident that there is no method […]

Granada, Spain: Art Shows in Alley Ways

Dozens of white stone plazas surrounding fountains adorned in cherubs and crosses. Snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains framing winding rivers. Medieval brick cathedrals complete with original bells. This is the daily norm in this southeast province of Spain. Having lived in Granada for seven months, I fear I’m growing too accustomed to my European life. I […]