Holi Crap! India’s Festival of Colors

“Are you insane? I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Please be careful! Make sure you rub oil over your exposed skin before going out. Don’t drink the bhang! Make sure you try bhang!” These were the warnings hurled at me from my Indian co-workers when I told them I’d be going to Jaipur […]

Top 3 Must-Eat Foods in Montreal

Chilly, yes. One might even describe the weather in Montreal as frigid. This is an unfortunate and indisputable fact about La Belle Ville. However, what Montreal lacks in meteorological charms, it makes up for with architectural beauty, excellent accessibility, and a vibrant cultural scene. In all honesty, my trip to Montreal left me craving more, […]

Sarlat, France: Of Duck and Tranquility

After a long and complicated train ride, followed by a 50-minute drive in a taxi, I finally arrived in Sarlat, a tiny medieval town in the Périgord region of southwestern France. I had just spent the past few days in Bordeaux, roaming the streets with my friend who was living there, but now I was […]

Eating Your Way Through Budapest’s Bakeries

There are a million different reasons to travel to Budapest. Its stunning nineteenth century architecture, the fascinating and complex history that unravels in a lazy walk across its pockmarked core, and the picturesque beauty of a capital spanning the Danube all recommend Budapest as a worthwhile destination. However, for me, the bakeries (or cukrászdak) should […]

Yunnan Province, China: Conquering the Tiger Leaping Gorge

After hours upon hours of airport woes in Beijing, we finally got off the plane in Yunnan province.  We were exhausted, smelly and hungry, but after taking one look around us, we were blown away. There was green everywhere, in the form of terraced agricultural fields and dramatic hills. I imagined it looked like Hawaii […]