Driving the Sultanate: A Ten Day Road Trip Through Oman

Tucked away from the rest of the world, at the tip of an antisocial peninsula, lies the surprisingly friendly and blindingly white Sultanate of Oman. Landing in Oman, seeing the hundreds of men in long white dishdashas with their turban halos, is like landing in an Arabian version of heaven (less the virgins). The country […]

The Rajasthan Rainbow

The treasure trove of sights in India can be as surprising and numerous as the bowel movements it induces. One of the most spectacular places to find a wide variety of both is in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Literally translated as “the Land of Kings,” Rajasthan has more beauty, power, and randomness than any […]

Crazy Love: Surviving the Roads to Hampi, India

People do crazy things for love. Not just human love, but love of anything. I like to think of my love of travel as the same kind of love people have for their pets. While pet owners don’t enjoy the extra costs and responsibilities associated with their pets, or the humiliation of cleaning up after […]

Nicaragua: The New Costa Rica (for Backpackers)

Tourism is ironically a traveler’s worst nightmare. Nothing can destroy the originality and unspoiled beauty of a destination more than having it flooded with vacationers. Now, when I say that, let me make the distinction between a vacationer and a traveler. A traveler travels. They seek out a culture other than their own and try […]