Peru: Ripe Fruits of the Inca Trail

When planning a trek along Peru’s Inca trail, I certainly did not realize that I was in for such a fresh and wild culinary adventure. Lining the luscious green trail during rainy season were a bounty of avocados, mangos, bananas, and coffee beans. There’s nothing like the ripest, juicy mango to accompany a tough hike. […]

Keeping Silence Extant in Alaska

Surrounded by Sitka spruce trees, beneath the twitter of birds in remote Alaska, I remember an article I read in the New York Times a few weeks back. The article questions whether silence is going extinct, suggesting that human generated noise seems to be infecting every environment worldwide, from cities to distant forests. While sitting […]

Back-Street Walking Tour of Istanbul

I would guess that most who stride through Istanbul on their travels are quickly awe-struck by the historic architecture, markets, and bustle along the Marmara Sea. That Istanbul is quite an enchanting city is obvious to most who enter. While the streets most traveled are very vibrant, I am convinced that the brightest gems in […]

Tips for Trekking Northern Thailand

Guidebooks and travel agencies advertise similar things in their hill trek tours: staying in a far removed hill tribe, cooking and eating native cuisine, elephant rides, visiting tea plantations, and so on.  In my experience we got all that we paid for in our trek, but the isolated hill tribe we stayed in did not […]

Vancouver Island: What it’s like Living on a Commune

Communes boomed in the seventies when the hippie generation denunciated modern culture and formed their own tight-knit living communities. Communes can be defined as living communities composed of individuals who have chosen to retract from societal norms, whom share similar values, and all contribute in completion of daily tasks. In the 1970’s communes were portrayed […]

Summer of Humpbacks in Southeast Alaska

Just as humans do aboard massive cruise ships, humpback whales migrate to Southeastern Alaska’s coastal waters throughout the summer months. From May through September humpbacks feed off Alaska’s nutrient-rich waters, which provide a strong food source for these marine mammals. Humpbacks are seasonal feeders, for they feed all summer long in these waters and fast […]

Lost in one Forest, or Another

One of the main reasons for my planned escape to Alaska’s wilderness was to experience a polar opposite.  After spending months in tropical forests of Central and South America, I thought the Last Frontier’s distinct environment would perhaps trigger unique thoughts and experiences.  After yesterday’s wilderness trek feelings from Brazil felt ripe as ever. Mendenhall […]