Mexico: Things to See and Do in Tijuana (if you came to party)

Tijuana Nights

Really?…there are tourist attractions in Tijuana?  Well, kind of.  It’s true that Tijuana doesn’t have your “traditional” tourist draws.  Unless you consider an old fashion Donkey Show a traditional tourist attraction, you might be a little disappointed.  However if you’re curious as to what the major attractions in Tijuana are, I’m gonna break them down […]

Tulum, Mexico: Amansala’s Bikini Bootcamp

Amansala Bikini Bootcamp

I have an overstuffed suitcase filled with bikinis and workout clothes, a reservation for six days in the most remote part of the Mayan Riviera, and a straw hat bought for nine dollars at a local drugstore. I discovered the perfect Oceanside retreat in which I can abandon my “real life” and safely relax as […]

Cruising in [Royal] Style


Back in November I took a five-day cruise to Mexico on Royal Caribbean. Once aboard, I learned within minutes you can find plenty to do regardless of age or the time of day. Of course, you can also do nothing at all. To help navigate through the onslaught of activities, many of which cost extra, […]