The Bikini Quest

I look forward to summer the way some people vie for promotions or marriage proposals. Sometime around February, when my will has been tested a little too far from chapped lips, snowdrifts that cover stop signs, leather boots that make it to my office weary from salt and mudpuddles, and once-new winter coats dingy from […]

Escape to Newport, Rhode Island

Once an exclusive weekend getaway for Boston’s upper crust, Newport, Rhode Island has come to incorporate cheap ethnic restaurants, vintage thrift stores, and eclectic coffee shops while at the same time retaining its original historic charm. Rest & Relaxation: The simple, straightforward website and friendly phone service landed me at the Winsome Bed and Breakfast […]

Virginia is for Lovers (History Lovers)

Whatever route, U.S. highway, interstate highway, dirt road or bypass you take in Virginia, you undoubtedly will find it rich with the history of the beginnings of this great nation.  Honestly, I don’t believe any tourist can take in most of what Virginia has to offer in one visit.  There will be plenty of leftover […]