Buenos Aires, Argentina: La Recoleta Cemetery

Some people think cemeteries are spooky and scary places.  Others, like myself, find them fascinating locations for art and history. La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires is as if you had stepped into a marvelous sculpture garden instead of a necropolis.  All of the burials are in overground vaults, which could also be described as little […]

Lost in one Forest, or Another

One of the main reasons for my planned escape to Alaska’s wilderness was to experience a polar opposite.  After spending months in tropical forests of Central and South America, I thought the Last Frontier’s distinct environment would perhaps trigger unique thoughts and experiences.  After yesterday’s wilderness trek feelings from Brazil felt ripe as ever. Mendenhall […]

The Bubble of Rio de Janeiro

We were just sitting in a circle on the penthouse balcony enjoying the glorious sunlight speckle our browning arms while sipping on a beer.  The city park below was busy and in the distance we could hear the waves beating the sand.  Welcome to the comfortable life in beautiful Rio de Janeiro. Our Carioca friend […]