Bosnia: Top Things to See and Do in Sarajevo (Tourist Attractions)

Sarajevo is an exceptionally beautiful and historic city in Bosnia. Not only is Sarajevo the largest city is Bosnia, with a population of 369, 534 within the entire settlement, but it is also the capital of Bosnia. Like most European cities, there is rich history that can be traced back through the annals of time. It is this rich history that lends to the aesthetics and intrigue of the city. Sarajevo has no shortage of tourist attractions that make it a popular tourist destination on the European circuit.

National Museum of Bosnia:

If you want a quick history lesson on a foreign country, visit its national museum. The National Museum of Bosnia should not be difficult to locate at all. You can find it near the bus and train stations. The Museum is comprised of multiple buildings that house a number of different exhibitions. The main building is the Archaeology Museum – the biggest attraction here being the Sarajevo Haggadah.

Siege Tunnel Tour:

During the Balkan war the city of Sarajevo was besieged for approximately three years. This siege created significant restrictions as far as getting food and supplies that were being provided by the UN. In order to improve the ability to get food as well as defend the city, a tunnel was dug underneath the runway at the airport – an area controlled by the UN. These tunnels still exist, and they are a major tourist attraction.

Tunnel Museum:

The Museum is also an extension of the siege tunnel. It would be a good idea to book this attraction through a tour guide as the Museum is in a residential area and somewhat difficult to access. A good tour guide will be able to give you all the history, while explaining some of the sights that you will see during the tour of the tunnel. This tunnel served as a symbol of hope for the residents of Sarajevo during the Serbian occupation.


Built in the 15th century, this is an old Sarajevan market place and is the cultural center of Sarajevo.  It is one of the cities’ best examples of the old Ottoman Empire.  Here you can find mosques, markets, restaurants and bars.

Day Hike:

If you are the active type that loves scenery, you will want to take the day hike. This is the ideal way to see some of the great views that this city has to offer. It is also an opportunity to see the city itself from the hills.

There is no shortage of attractions, but these are some of the most informative and intriguing, by far. The most intriguing of all is, without question, the tunnels.

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