Canada is for [Food] Lovers

Last month my boyfriend and I took our first-ever road trip together. We left New York City and headed north. All the way north. To French Canada. We took a long weekend and spent two days each in Montréal and Québec City. Days 1 & 2: Montréal Where we stayed: The Gingerbread Manor (3445 Avenue […]

Vancouver Island: What it’s like Living on a Commune

Communes boomed in the seventies when the hippie generation denunciated modern culture and formed their own tight-knit living communities. Communes can be defined as living communities composed of individuals who have chosen to retract from societal norms, whom share similar values, and all contribute in completion of daily tasks. In the 1970’s communes were portrayed […]

Top 3 Must-Eat Foods in Montreal

Chilly, yes. One might even describe the weather in Montreal as frigid. This is an unfortunate and indisputable fact about La Belle Ville. However, what Montreal lacks in meteorological charms, it makes up for with architectural beauty, excellent accessibility, and a vibrant cultural scene. In all honesty, my trip to Montreal left me craving more, […]

Summer of Humpbacks in Southeast Alaska

Just as humans do aboard massive cruise ships, humpback whales migrate to Southeastern Alaska’s coastal waters throughout the summer months. From May through September humpbacks feed off Alaska’s nutrient-rich waters, which provide a strong food source for these marine mammals. Humpbacks are seasonal feeders, for they feed all summer long in these waters and fast […]

Montreal, Canada: The City With Many Faces

It was a warm summer-night, the airplane of British Airways had just set foot in Canada and I was unnaturally excited. For the first time in my life, I was travelling on my own without the close environment of my family. I had had a snug, smooth childhood back in southern Germany, just graduated from […]