We totally understand the thrill of leaving the country and going “off the grid” but realistically there are a few organizations you may want to inform.  Use your discretion but here’s our list of recommendations.

U.S. Department of State:

Generally you don’t need to check in with the U.S. government but in this case by giving them some basic information and an email address you can stay updated on political changes in the countries that you’re visiting.  Just go to www.travelregistration.state.gov and follow the steps of the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Your Bank:

This one is a bit more important.  Often times if your bank suddenly sees a charge originating from a foreign country they will automatically assume that your ATM card has been stolen and put a hold on it.  This means you’re stuck wherever you are without access to cash.  Big problems right?  So give them a call and alert them of where and when you are going.

Your Credit Card Provider:

Similarly you will want to alert your credit card provider of your travel plans for the same reason.  Although its unlikely that you will be relying on your credit card for purchases, as a backup its good to have it working.