Indonesia: Independent Trekking in Papua’s Central Highlands

Papua, Indonesia

Until 1930 the central highlands of Papua were believed to be completely uninhabited.  But when two Australian gold prospectors made an expedition into the western central highlands, those assumptions were shattered forever.  What they found were numerous tribes speaking hundreds of different languages and who lived in such isolation that they had no concept of the outside […]

Funky Filipino Flavors: Unique Food of the Philippines

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It’s no Cambodia, but the Philippinescertainly has its fair share of unusual delicacies. A true gourmand could spend months encountering wild flavors, textures, and customs. Recounted here is a sampling of a few common dishes and ingredients. Sisig: If you’re like most travelers, your journey probably involves its fair share of happy hours. Depending on where […]

Kauai with Keikis (Children)

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There’s not a whole lot of choice when it comes to tropical destinations when your little ones are, well, really little.  Unfortunately, Mexico is looking a bit dangerous these days.  And perhaps you’d rather not get a passport or leave your cell phone at home.  You’re probably also looking for some rare relaxation while giving […]