Author: Angela Foudray

Angela developed her love of travel during her frequent family trips as a child. From living in France nearly a month out of the year for most of her childhood to frequent trips around North America, not traveling makes her feel like she’s in a cage. She moved out of the house to go to college at the University Wisconsin, Madison. During her time in college she lived just outside Chicago and in Fort Lauderdale. She then moved to San Diego for graduate school where she got her PhD in physics. During the last ten years she’s visited Western and Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and most of North America. In all, she’s visited 21 countries and quite a few of them multiple times. Her bucket list includes seeing every continent (definitely including Antarctica), cruising the artic circle in a kayak, exploring the Galapagos, spending a week in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet, and camping in the Serengeti.

April 11, 2011 /