San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua: What is Sunday Funday?

Sunday Funday Tanktop

If you’ve been traveling in Nicaragua for any period of time you’ve surely seen people walking around sporting those black “Sunday Funday” tank-tops and asked yourself “What is Sunday Funday anyway?”  The short answer is that it’s a big party, but here’s the long answer filled with important details if you’re thinking about doing it. […]

Isla de Ometepe: Ferry Schedule and Price List

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

If you’re planning on traveling to the Isla de Ometepe in Lago de Nicaragua there are a couple ways to get there.  Some people choose to travel by boat straight from Granada and others go via Rivas.  The fastest way to get there however is through Rivas on the west side of the lake. From […]

Nicaragua: The New Costa Rica (for Backpackers)

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Tourism is ironically a traveler’s worst nightmare. Nothing can destroy the originality and unspoiled beauty of a destination more than having it flooded with vacationers. Now, when I say that, let me make the distinction between a vacationer and a traveler. A traveler travels. They seek out a culture other than their own and try […]