Lunch with the Lizards of Australia

As I was eating my ham and Swiss sandwich at the five-star Kewarra Beach Resort’s open-air restaurant, one of the “regulars” slowly sauntered in. The waitresses on duty didn’t seem to notice or care, but I did as it was one of the largest lizards I had ever seen, easily five feet long, two feet […]

Discovering Brisbane: Australia’s Unsung City (Vol. I)

When most people think of Australia they think of the outback, the opera house and the barbie. Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city is not what generally comes to mind. But then again, most people don’t know what sound a koala makes. Aussie’s keep that a secrete. Because the noise koalas make is bloody horrible, reminiscent of […]

Sydney, Australia: Simply Fabulous!

When most people think of Australia, they think of kangaroos, the outback and shrimp on the barbie.  Warning!  There is a far more intriguing adventure that awaits you down under, so let’s get to it.  First, let’s start with the piece de resistance, The Sydney Opera House.  I was fortunate enough to be on a […]