Morocco: An Eater’s Guide to… Marrakech

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You’ve landed in Marrakech and after your first night of struggling to keep up with its frenetic pace and being overawed by the madness that is the Djemaa El Fna, you’ve woken up refreshed and ready to explore its world renowned food scene and specialties. Breakfast: Skip the expensive breakfast that your riad or hostel […]

Top 4 Things to See and Do in Gabon

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we mention Africa? Usually, people would say safaris. And that’s right, Africa is a great place to tour around in and enjoy the many sights and sounds all over the place.  Now, there’s a place in the west coast of Central Africa that has many interesting […]

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Sierra Leone

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Following the better part of two decades of intermittent civil and tribal warfare, in recent years Sierra Leone has emerged as a beacon of how amicable reconciliation can make a country both wealthier, happier and much more accessible for overseas visitors. Tourism has been one of the driving forces in making the country a template […]

Top Things to See and Do in Uganda

If you’ve never been to Uganda, the thought of taking a trip there probably conjures up all sorts of horrible images of war and chaos…and for good reason.  Most of what people know about this country revolves around it’s two most infamous war lords; Idi Amin and Jospeh Kony. In part it’s good that we […]

Travel Safety: How Dangerous is Madagascar?

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The island of Madagascar, located off the coast of Africa, is an unexpected tourist spot that is worth visiting. Known for its gorgeous and diverse landscape, it provides travelers the opportunity to visit thick jungles, swamps, deserts, and miles of stunning coast land. Visitors are able to view wildlife and foliage that they would likely […]