Rwanda: Things to See and Do in Kigali (Tourist Attractions)

There’s no denying it, Rwanda will probably be associated with its brutal genocide for a long time, but in the last few decades a lot has changed.  These days Rwanda is a relatively safe place to visit and most signs of the genocide have been wiped clean…whether it’s been intentional or not.  If you do […]

The Great Migration of East Africa: Serengeti to Masai Mara

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The first thing I learned about the Great Migration, one of the world’s awe-inspiring natural phenomena, is that it is not, in fact, natural. Contrary to my romantic miscalculations, the Great Migration is not some primal tradition from the days before automobiles were used to track the animals’ movement. Even Ernest Hemingway, who wrote extensively […]

East Africa and the Benefits of Losing Your Job

It was mid February on a Friday when my boss called me into her office for a very sudden one-on-one meeting.  I’m sure you know the kind, they’re quite common these days and they always end with you not having a job.  That’s right; I got laid off, another casualty of the “global economic crisis”. […]

Egypt: Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza

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Cairo itself is as busy, noisy, memorable and exciting as New York City.  The pyramids that most tourists go to see are in the city of Giza, about thirty minutes away by taxi.  The traffic is much, much worse, but I didn’t care because I was in Egypt, the land of the pharaohs!  If you […]