Ghana: Top Things to See and Do in Accra (Tourist Attractions)

Ghana or ‘the Gold coast’ as many residents like to call it is a beautiful country in West Africa. Its capital city Accra has a huge population of about 2.2 million according to the last census. People keep migrating to this grand city to enjoy the luxurious services there are to offer. Accra is both the administrative and economic capital of the country, making it a very busy place.

However, Accra does not only attract business men and bureaucrats, but also tourists. They come from far and wide to see many attractions that the city has to offer. The city is also a backpacker’s paradise thanks to a well planned transport network. It is home to the renowned Kotoka international airport. Accra also has a good railway link to other cities like Kumasi and Tema.

The National Museum:

Located at No. 2 Barnes Road in Central Accra, this monument is the place where any visitors can learn more about the history of Ghana. It was significantly opened on the eve of Ghana’s independence and since then, tourists have come to learn more about Ghana. The museum has three main galleries which showcase the country’s past, traditions and the rich arts culture of Ghana. There are many exhibitions around the museum for tourists to enjoy..

Kakum National Park:

Africa is known all over the world for its rich population of rare wild life and Accra certainly has its fair share. Kakum national park is a wonderful sight and covers a vast area of about 600 square kilometers. This national park is a traveler’s paradise because it is home to many species of flora and fauna. The park is an ideal site for backpacking as there are plenty hotels and cottages where one can spend the night. The most amazing feature on this national park is arguably the Canopy Walk. It is elevated 40 meters from the forest floor and offers those who love heights a rare chance to enjoy the sounds of nature as well as scenic views from the 350m long wooden walkway.

Elmina Castle:

Tourists travel from far and wide to have a look at this historical piece of architecture. It was built as a slave fort in 1482 as a center for putting slaves before they were shipped to different parts of the world. This castle is a very delicate part of history as it was used for very inhuman acts. The most famous room in this castle is the room of no return. This dreary room was used to keep rebellious slaves. If you wish to visit the castle, there are friendly guides to show you around and you can shop around the gift shops for souvenirs to take home.


There are many festivals in the city all year round. Most notable are the colorful traditional festivals held annually. They are the perfect way to experience the rich Ghanaian culture. They reveal certain aspects of the rich heritage that you will never read in books. Tourists get a rare chance to sample wondrous cuisine and mingle with the friendly people during such festivals.

Accra is a tourist’s paradise thanks to these and many attractions that make visitors come back year after year. The tourism ministry provides many useful resources online to help any visitor make a decision on which places to visit.

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