Morocco: Top Things to See and Do in Casablanca (Tourist Attractions)

If you enjoy travel then you should set your sights on a visit to Casablanca. This is the largest city within Morocco and it has long been one of the destinations for those truly adventurous individuals. This is a place that gained a great deal of notoriety when a 1942 Humphrey Bogart film used the name of the city as its one-word title. Today the film continues to inspire people to seek out Casablanca, if for no other reason than sheer curiosity.

Backpacking through this country is possible, but it is advisable to stay in the northern region. Most visitors use taxis, cars and trains as their main source of transportation when touring Casablanca. With the increasing popularity of tourism throughout Morocco you will want to make the most of your travel opportunity. Here are a few of the sites and attractions that you should take the time to explore.


In the nearby town of Rabat you will find a 20th century mosque that will take most of a day to explore properly. Hassan II Mosque features outstanding architecture and wonderful beauty. This cavernous religious site can hold approximately 100,000 individuals and this does not even include the rooms devoted to the mosque’s museum and library. The Hassan II Mosque is located along Casablanca’s shores and can be easily seen by looking for the sky-scraping minaret that sits atop the domed roof.

Derb Ghalef:

Derb Ghalef is a community within Casablanca that offers shoppers many bargains. The keys to obtaining one of these bargains is to know the language and to be a shrewd negotiator. Derb Ghalef is still a unique attraction that tempts many visitors into traveling though its narrow streets and alleys. You can also find good food being sold at various sidewalk stands.

Ain Diab:

Ain Diab is a liberal neighborhood where French is the language of choice.You will find nice homes in this beachfront community and most people who live here are also going to be wearing chic fashions. This neighborhood offers you a startling contrast to the area of Derb Ghalef. Search out Ain Diab Plage and the Casa Tramway. You could make this a day visit and just watch the people walking along the streets. Check out the shops, recreational areas and restaurants.

Old Medina:

Old Medina offers Casablanca tourists a chance to see a traditional town that is surrounded by towering walls. There are many stores and local vendors located in Old Medina.

Rick’s Cafe:

Rick’s Cafe is located only a short distance from the Hassan II Mosque. A piano player is present and you can expect to hear him play “As Time Goes By”. Tuxedos are worn by the wait staff.This cafe is supposed to be modeled after the one that Humphrey Bogart’s character visits in that classic 1942 film.

The Kasbah:

The Kasbah is one of those iconic attractions in Casablanca. You can wear casual clothing or dress in formal evening wear. This is a setting that always appears a bit mysterious but it is also one of the few places where you can still enjoy an authentic Moroccan atmosphere.

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