Spiti Valley: How To Get To Key Monastery (Ki Gompa)

The Key Monastery (Ki Gompa in Tibetan) is located in Spiti Valley, which is in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.  It is the most iconic structure in the valley and should definitely be part of any trip into this corner of the Tibetan Plateau.  The monastery has a unique fort-like design due […]

Spiti Valley: Day Hike From Kaza to Hikkim


For anyone in Kaza who wants to do a day-hike and doesnt have a lot of time to venture out into the rest of Spiti Valley, the hike to Hikkim may be perfect.  Currently there are no roads that reach this village, although one is in the works and should be completed shortly.  Even once […]

Bangladesh: Top 6 Things To See And Do In Dhaka

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There aren’t many cities left in the world that can throw the visitor from the 21st century seemingly back to the 11th century as they turn a street corner, but Dhaka is without doubt one of the most extreme examples still out there. Bustling, teeming, colorful and perpetual serve well to describe this most overwhelming […]

India: Things to See and Do in Jaipur (Tourist Attractions)

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The city of Jaipur, home to over 3 million people, boasts a great many historical attractions thanks to the 18th century warrior-astronomer Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who founded the city and designed many of the buildings himself. Here in the “Pink City of India,” a strong sense of history mingles with modern cuisine and […]

Holi Crap! India’s Festival of Colors

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“Are you insane? I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Please be careful! Make sure you rub oil over your exposed skin before going out. Don’t drink the bhang! Make sure you try bhang!” These were the warnings hurled at me from my Indian co-workers when I told them I’d be going to Jaipur […]

The Rajasthan Rainbow

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The treasure trove of sights in India can be as surprising and numerous as the bowel movements it induces. One of the most spectacular places to find a wide variety of both is in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Literally translated as “the Land of Kings,” Rajasthan has more beauty, power, and randomness than any […]

South India: Watered Down

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The hull is splintered. Upside down. And forgotten. The remains of the tiny fishing vessel clutter the shore, but like the beauty of a colorfully abandoned conch, it continues to spread the Good Word. Did its owner survive the massive wave? A young girl and her friends have turned the wooden carcass into a playground. Jump! Child. […]

Mangalore, India: A Rising Fall

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The rain is blinding. I tip-toe through the overwhelming, boundless sheet of water – and sole proprietor of the massive green fluorescence that surrounds me. A thick drop slaps my neck and mocks the futility of my umbrella, dripping ever so slowly down my back. The monsoon is in its third month. Just one month […]

Crazy Love: Surviving the Roads to Hampi, India

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People do crazy things for love. Not just human love, but love of anything. I like to think of my love of travel as the same kind of love people have for their pets. While pet owners don’t enjoy the extra costs and responsibilities associated with their pets, or the humiliation of cleaning up after […]