Bar Sinister: Stabbing Westward (Dead and Gone Tour)

Bar Sinister: Stabbing Westward

After a 20 year hiatus, Stabbing Westward is back with the much anticipated EP, “Dead and Gone.  For the younger generation, they’ve probably never heard of the band.  But if you can remember as far back as the 90s, you’ll recall that Stabbing Westward was popular within the Industrial Rock scene, alongside other notable acts […]

Guide to Ernest Debs Park

Ernst Debs Park - Debs Pond

Located just north of downtown Los Angeles sits a small, often forgotten park called Ernest E. Debs Regional Park. In fact, you’d probably never hear a word about it if it weren’t for the ultra-cute lake that sits, surrounded by trees, at its summit. In fact, the lake and the surrounding hiking trails are what […]

Book Review: Some Stories by Yvon Chouinard

Frost Aurora

Some Stories by Yvon Chouinard is the kind of book that, after even a quick glance, makes you feel like you could have done more with your life.  The book consists of a series of previously published short stories and letters on adventure sports, business and environmentalism that follows the course of Yvon’s life from […]

China: Top Things to See and Do in Chengdu

Leshan Buddha Head

Chengdu, located in the Sichuan province of western China is famous for so many things…most notably their rolling hills at the base of the Tibetan Plateau, their spicy cuisine and they hot Chengdu women!  The Sichuan province is one of China’s most popular tourist destination for all these reasons and more. Even as the capital […]

Travel For Work: Most Annoying Business Terms

Travel For Work

Ive been working the “business world” for over 10 years now.  So I feel its only fitting that I vent a bit and compile my Official list of the Most Annoying Business Terms.  These are the phrases and sayings that I hear so often that it makes me cringe and question my life choices.  If […]