Lono Shoe Review: Plant-Based, Sockless Sneakers

I have to admit, this product had me interested from the description alone. A shoe derived from organic plant-based materials with minimal packaging fused together to make a something that you don’t need to wear socks with. Not bad!

So when they offered to send me a pair to review, I had to give them a test drive. But to be fair, lets get past all the fancy marketing and see how this shoe really stacks up.

Ive had the shoes now for about 5 months, and have tested them periodically over the course of that time. I’ve used them for walking, running and hiking. Although, I should mention that the company doesn’t specially say that they are designed as a running or hiking shoe, I just wanted to put them to the test.


The Lono Shoe is a shoe made from sustainably sourced plant-based material, and is intended to be worn without socks…and still not stink.

    The shoes come in a variety of sizes and colors (mine were black) and have a mesh upper portion with a soft sole. They have laces, but can easily be slipped on without any untying….which I appreciate.
  • SMELL:
    Shockingly this claim checks out. After 5 months of walking, running and hiking….no socks used, and smell what so ever!
    The shoes are very comfortable. They have a thick sole, which is not usually something I like, but it does provide a lot of cushion. They are also very light weight….approximately 20 oz.
  • USES:
    Walking: Absolutely.
    Running: Yes, for shorter runs.
    Hiking: Yes, on shorter/simpler trails.

In general, I really like the shoe. Its plant-based and you can wear it sock-less without it smelling. This is a great selling point for me because I live in Southern California where I usually wear flip flops all day, so I can slip these shoes on and go for a quick run without having to grab socks.

The design is pretty good, but not my favorite. The sole is a little large for my tastes. But overall its still a good looking shoe. After 5 months of use, they are still in great condition with no rips or tears. So in summery, you won’t be disappointed with this shoe!



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