Guide to The Santa Ana River Trail

The Santa Ana River trail is a 30-mile trail that follows the Santa Ana River from Yorba Linda at the base of the Chino Hills State Park to its end point in Huntington Beach.  The trail is paved most of the way and features underpasses that allow riders and runners to avoid crossing busy streets.


The scenery around this trail is definitely lacking a bit.  While the trail is great for uninterrupted riding or running, it’s not so easy on the eyes.  Although there is one golf course that offers some nice green space, most of your trip will be looking at the sides of a cement channel.

Difficulty Level:

In a word….EASY.  The trail is mostly paved and mostly flat.  The only aspect that would make it more challenging is its length, but that you can set yourself, as there are many on and off ramps.

Santa Ana River Trail


The trail is very safe.  At one time there was a homeless problem but that has mostly been cleaned up.

Things to See and Do:

Nothing really.  But at least if you reach the end of the trail you’ll be at the beach….so you cant be mad at that!


While I like the fact that this trail exists, since it’s a great place for bikers and runners to avoid traffic, its not something that would keep you coming back just for the sake of being there.  The scenery and terrain are pretty weak but if its in your backyard….why not.

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