Guide to Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail

The often overlooked, and sometimes hard to find, Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail is one of a handful of bike and running paths that follow the rivers (drainage canals) that zigzag the city of Los Angeles. The Arroyo Seco, like most “rivers” in LA, was an existing river that was later cemented over to create a solid drainage canal to prevent seasonal flooding. In addition to the function of moving water, a bicycle and pedestrian path was also built. And that is precisely what we’ll be discussing in this guide.


The Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail runs along side the Arroyo Seco River and the 110 freeway. The trail is approximately 3 miles in each direction and mostly flat. Most of the trail runs directly next to the river, so could be subject to flooding during heavy rains.

Where to Start and Finish: From North to South

  • START: Lohman Ln, at South Pawsadena Dog Park
  • Entry Point: Arroyo Verde St, at Arroyo Seco Park
  • Entry Point: Ave 60, at Hermon Dog Park
  • Entry Point: Ave 52, at Audubon Center at Debs Park
  • FINISH: Mosher Ave, at Montecito Heights Community Center
Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail


The scenery on this trail is pretty good considering it runs next to a freeway. You’ll have water flowing on one side of you, and the hills of Ernest Debs Park on the other side, and most of the path has decent amounts of greenery. On the downside, its also a popular spot for homeless encampments so you’ll see a lot of tents, garbage and people hanging around.

Difficult Level:

EASY. The trail is mostly flat and relaxing. There is nothing hard or technical about this bike path.

Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail


Despite a sizable homeless population living around the river, it feels pretty safe. Its like anything else in life, people just mind their own business. That being said, I probably wouldn’t try hanging out there alone at night.

Things to See and Do:

  • Ernest Debs Park
  • Hermon Park
  • Arroyo Seco Golf Course
  • Arroyo Seco Racquet Club
Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail

Food and Drink:

Nothing available. Bring what you need.


Overall the Arroyo Seco Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail is a decent trail/path. Its short, easy and mildly interesting if you live around the area. Its suitable for bike riding, running and families.

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