The Best Way to Visit Skagway, Alaska (Without a Cruise)

Skagway Alaska is a truly beautiful paradise nestled along the Inside Passage in Southeast Alaska. Many people discover this town on a cruise ship because of it’s small town charm and the fact that it’s a favorite port of cruisers. Cruising is like going to a tapas bar, although delicious it only offers you a […]

Keeping Silence Extant in Alaska

Surrounded by Sitka spruce trees, beneath the twitter of birds in remote Alaska, I remember an article I read in the New York Times a few weeks back. The article questions whether silence is going extinct, suggesting that human generated noise seems to be infecting every environment worldwide, from cities to distant forests. While sitting […]

Summer of Humpbacks in Southeast Alaska

Just as humans do aboard massive cruise ships, humpback whales migrate to Southeastern Alaska’s coastal waters throughout the summer months. From May through September humpbacks feed off Alaska’s nutrient-rich waters, which provide a strong food source for these marine mammals. Humpbacks are seasonal feeders, for they feed all summer long in these waters and fast […]

Lost in one Forest, or Another

One of the main reasons for my planned escape to Alaska’s wilderness was to experience a polar opposite.  After spending months in tropical forests of Central and South America, I thought the Last Frontier’s distinct environment would perhaps trigger unique thoughts and experiences.  After yesterday’s wilderness trek feelings from Brazil felt ripe as ever. Mendenhall […]

Anchorage, Alaska: Just the Tip of the Iceberg

If I were to write about everything there is to do and see in this eye-popping tourist state, this would not be a travel article.  It would be a book!  The entire state is a tourist’s dream and no matter how diligent you are, there’s always something more amazing around the corner to experience. I […]