Harajuku Autumn

I was a chikan virgin no longer.  Being at the receiving end of a chikan incident is essentially akin to having someone feel you up while travelling by train. I had heard stories from my female friends that this would happen to them  while they were asleep or otherwise inattentive, but, they would assure, this would never […]


Somewhere between the eighth and ninth station I thought I would give up. My body was covered in a thin film of sweat. I smelled. My hair stuck to the back of my neck. I could see the stone walls of the summit, but they stood above a winding trail of jagged rocks, ashen hills, and […]

Fussa, Japan: Tanabata Matsuri

The shudder of a thousand plastic ribbons blowing in the breeze resonated throughout the streets. It was the Tanabata Matsuri, a large summer festival celebrated all through Japan. Behind me were the sounds of trumpets emitting from the main stage and in the distance was a sweltering plume of smoke. As I walked through the paved […]

Nakano, Japan: On Broadway

It is only eleven o’clock and it is already well over eighty degrees Fahrenheit. In an effort of reduce as much energy as possible, the lights in the train are turned off and the air conditioning (if any) is at a minimum. I can already observe the exhaustion of those who are lazy from the […]

Mai Dreamin: Surviving the Akihabara Maids

Akihabara is easily one of my favorite places to visit, if only for the fact that I see something bizarre and novel every time that I go there. On this particular day, a few friends and I were shopping for anime and realized that it was lunchtime. Every one of us was intent on eating […]

Looking to Ueno

Although it is at the height of popularity during the Sakura Matsuri, or Cherry Blossom Festival, Ueno Park is also a site for weekly events that many visitors may miss out on.  I, however, revel in the local goings-on that surround every nook in Tokyo and aim to delve into every experience that I can.  […]