Indonesia: Independent Trekking in Papua’s Central Highlands

Papua, Indonesia

Until 1930 the central highlands of Papua were believed to be completely uninhabited.  But when two Australian gold prospectors made an expedition into the western central highlands, those assumptions were shattered forever.  What they found were numerous tribes speaking hundreds of different languages and who lived in such isolation that they had no concept of the outside […]

How to CamperVan Across New Zealand

New Zealand Van

Drive around either island for a bit and you’ll notice that the ecosystems change rather quickly. One minute you may be cruising through sheep paddocks or a temperate rainforest and perhaps just a few kilometers later find yourself heading into some desert landscape that looks to be of another world. My wife and I found […]

New Zealand: Exploring Rotorua

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Rotorua is based on the North Island of New Zealand, in the Bay of Plenty region. It is nicknamed “Sulphur City” due to the rotten egg smell coming from the thick sulphuric deposits hidden around the city. It is a popular destination for both local and international tourists due to its unique geothermal springs, geysers […]

Exploring New Zealand: Lake Wanaka

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Wanaka is a picturesque lake town nestled in amongst snowy mountain peaks. It is situated 67km from Queenstown. The best way to get there is by flying into Queenstown Airport, and then catching an InterBus bus or renting a car and taking the quaint drive through Cardona Valley. You can visit Wanaka all year: summer […]