Morocco: An Eater’s Guide to… Marrakech

You’ve landed in Marrakech and after your first night of struggling to keep up with its frenetic pace and being overawed by the madness that is the Djemaa El Fna, you’ve woken up refreshed and ready to explore its world renowned food scene and specialties. Breakfast: Skip the expensive breakfast that your riad or hostel […]

Iran: Things to See and Do in Tehran (Tourist Attractions)

Tehran is the largest city in Iran. It is also the nation’s capital and home to more than 8 million people. The climate in the Tehran is quite mild, as it is approximately 1200 metres above sea level. Tehran has a host of rich historical and cultural sites. If you happen to travel to the […]

Yemen: Things to See and Do in Sana’a (Tourist Attractions)

Let’s travel to the western part of the country and to the capital city of Yemen, known as Sana’a. In 1962 it became the capital of North Yemen and was followed by North and South Yemen in 1990. The population is 1,740,000 and being the religious center of the Yemen Highlands, it has also been […]

Go Wild in Dubai

Dubai is known for the sleek steel buildings that dominate the horizon – features that have long attracted people to book flights to Dubai. However, it also boasts the first United Arab Emirates (UAE) national park; featuring a spectacular desert habitat with many endangered species of flora and fauna living there. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) was […]

Doing Dubai Without a Black Amex

If you don’t have a shiny black Amex burning a hole in your pocket or a suitcase of money to blow in Dubai, UAE some would advise, don’t bother going.  It is known as the Las Vegas of the Middle East for a reason. To get a look around and have one cocktail in the […]

Driving the Sultanate: A Ten Day Road Trip Through Oman

Tucked away from the rest of the world, at the tip of an antisocial peninsula, lies the surprisingly friendly and blindingly white Sultanate of Oman. Landing in Oman, seeing the hundreds of men in long white dishdashas with their turban halos, is like landing in an Arabian version of heaven (less the virgins). The country […]