Yemen: Things to See and Do in Sana’a (Tourist Attractions)

Let’s travel to the western part of the country and to the capital city of Yemen, known as Sana’a. In 1962 it became the capital of North Yemen and was followed by North and South Yemen in 1990. The population is 1,740,000 and being the religious center of the Yemen Highlands, it has also been the chief economic political center for many centuries.

Connected to the Red Sea port of Hodeida by road, the city lies inland on a high plain. Sana is an Islamic cultural center with a Muslim university along with other institutions of learning with lots of mosques. It has been settled from pre-Islamic times the ancient city wall remains.

Here are some of the highlights of this trip that I wanted to share with you so you could decide on what you would want to do.

1. Beaches:

Go to some of the best beaches in Yemen such as Lover’s Beach in Aden City, Bir Ali in Mukalla City, Archer beach in Socotra Island, Shouab Beach in Socotra Island, Aomak beach in Socotra island, and Qalansiya beach in Socotra island.

2. Old City:

Walk Around the old city of Sana’a in the early morning – Start your day by hearing plenty of blessings as the locals start their day by heading to the market and opening their shops early in the morning.

3. Tea:

Enjoy some traditional Yemeni Chai – Don’t leave the city without trying some of the Yemeni tea. If you try Chai Haleb (Tea with milk) or Chai Ahmar (Tea) and ask for Haleb Mofawer but if you like your tea plain without milk then you should try Chai na’naa which is tea with mint.

4. Old Sana’a from the Top:

You can go to the roof of one of the old buildings to really get a good view of Sana. To go inside one of them you need to go to the roof of Burj Alsalam hotel that has a beautiful view of the city with a café.

5. Hamm Sana’ani (Sauna):

One of the best options to relax is going to the Hamams (sauna) in Sana. You know you like to relax when you are on vacation. The Hamams are booked for the women in the morning and the men in the evening. Usually it is meant for men only.

6. Traditional Food:

You will have to have a strong stomach to eat the local food in Sana. If you don’t like spices you should tell them, otherwise they will use lots of them. The meaning for without spices is “Bedun Beshas”.

7. Attend a Wedding:

Doesn’t matter whether you know the bride and groom or not. Thursday in Yemen is believed to be a blessed day so the weddings are usually on Thursday. You don’t have to have an invitation you are welcome to go just because you are you. The locals love guests.

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I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. I am Bert Megert. I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. I am Bert Megert. I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. I am Bert Megert.