Author: Clint Brimson

This is the part where I should tell you about my degree in journalism, the books that I've written and the decades that I've spent living and travelling overseas. However I haven't done any of those things so I suppose I'll just tell you about how and why we (me + wife) like to travel and what you'll read about at

In my opinion, seeing a city's sights with every other tourist, and with not a local in sight, will never give you a feel for what that country is actually about. Where you will find that out is in its cafes, bars, restaurants and kerb side street stalls. So at my blog you won't hear about how great Hamburg's Kunsthalle is or how a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels changed my life.

What you will read about? The six kilometre walk to Pappenheimer Wirtschaft into the burbs of Hamburg to tuck into the best pork shoulder you've ever eaten or the bus ride into the outskirts of Brussels to pay homage to quite possibly the world's best sour beer cellar at In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst.

There will be other stuff to read about too but I believe that there's no better way to gain an insight into a culture than through its food and drink, so they're the bits that you'll come to us for.

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