Bar Sinister: Stabbing Westward (Dead and Gone Tour)

After a 20 year hiatus, Stabbing Westward is back with the much anticipated EP, “Dead and Gone.  For the younger generation, they’ve probably never heard of the band.  But if you can remember as far back as the 90s, you’ll recall that Stabbing Westward was popular within the Industrial Rock scene, alongside other notable acts such as Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM and Skinny Puppy. 


Over the course of the 1990s, Stabbing Westward released 4 studio albums that included a number of semi popular radio hits including “Shame” and “What Do I Have To Do”.  Then in 2002, they disbanded. 

Now, they’re back…although only briefly. To promote the new release of “Dead and Gone”, the band booked a single show.  Yes, just one show to promote the new album.  But that didn’t stop the die hard fans from descending on the tiny gothic venue in the heart of Hollywood; Bar Sinister.

Bar Sinister: Stabbing Westward

The Venue: Bar Sinister

Upon entering Bar Sinister, you know immediately that you’re in a unique kind of place.  Like walking into a real life Marilyn Manson video, half naked girls are pole dancing, people are strung up on spikes while others are opting to get whipped while a crowd eagerly watches.  It’s a fitting place for the single promotional show for Stabbing Westwards return. And if you get bored of the band, you can always walk up stairs for some light S&M.

The Show: 4 Stars

A legendary band, in a small eclectic venue, for only $15 pre-sale…you cant go wrong! The sound was good, the beer was averagely priced….and you could smoke in the outdoor concert section…if you’re into that sort of thing.

The only downside was the size of the crowd. It was packed! Although, Christopher Hall (lead singer) sounded great and didn’t look like he aged a day since the late 90s, it was very difficult to get a good glimpse of him or any of the other members. But for $15 bucks, I won’t bitch too much.

Bar Sinister: Stabbing Westward

Track List: Dead and Gone

  • Dead and Gone
  • Cold
  • Crawl
  • Dead and Gone (StoneburnerRemix)
  • Cold (StabWalts 12″ Dance Mix)


  • Band: Stabbing Westward
  • Album Tour: Dead and Gone EP
  • Venue: Bar Sinister
  • Date: 01/11/2020
  • Time: 12AM – 2AM
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