Spiti Valley: Day Hike From Kaza to Hikkim

For anyone in Kaza who wants to do a day-hike and doesnt have a lot of time to venture out into the rest of Spiti Valley, the hike to Hikkim may be perfect.  Currently there are no roads that reach this village, although one is in the works and should be completed shortly.  Even once the road is finished, the trail bypasses it so you won’t have to hike along a paved road.

Also, its important to note that although the hike is short it is a hard 800 meter accent directly up the mountain.  Bring lots of water, snacks and layers to cover up with.  The sun is hotter here!

Trail To Hikkim
  • From Kaza, go to the Buddhist monastery
  • Walk through the monastery gates and go to the back
  • Behind the monastery, on the right side is a path that leads up the mountain
  • About 10 minutes up you will find a Buddhist shrine and a place to rest and take in the views
  • The next 1.5 hours will be a difficult climb up to where the trail meets the road
  • For about 30 minutes, you walk along the road
July 8, 2016