Tibet: Price List For Tibetan Monasteries Around Lhasa

The Potala, Lhasa, TibetIf you’re traveling to Tibet then most likely you’ll be going on an organized tour.  But if your tour company doesn’t include all your monastery fees in the cost of the tour, then you’ll want to take a look at the price list below.  Unfortunately Tibet can be a very expensive country for foreigners, so if you get stuck paying for your monastery fees outside of the price of your tour, you could be in for a real shock…because these things can add up!

The prices here are reflected in RMB (Yuan), which is the currency used in Tibet.  These prices were recorded in 2016.  So if you’re reading this after that, there could be slight increases.  The locations listed below are some of the most popular monasteries around Lhasa, so you’ll most likely be hitting a few of them on your visit to Tibet.

  • Potola Palace:  200 RMB
  • Jokhand Temple: 85 RMB
  • Ramoche Temple: 20 RMB
  • Lhasa Tsamkhung Nunnery: 40 RMB
  • Palhalupuk Temple:  20 RMB
  • Tsepek Lhakhang:  Free
  • Drepung Monastery:  60 RMB
  • Nechung Monastery:  Free
  • Sera Monastery:  50 RMB
  • Ganden Monastery:  50 RMB
  • Yamalung Nunnery: Free
  • Samye Monastery: 40 RMB
  • Chimpuk Nunnery: Free
  • Yumbulagang Palace: Free
  • Thang Po Che Monastery: 10 RMB
  • Tombs Of Tibetan Kings: 30 RMB
  • Namsto Lake:  120 RMB

Yumbulagang Palace



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