Chad: Things to See and Do in N’djamena (Tourist Attractions)

N’djamena is a French word meaning “place of rest”, it is also the capital of Chad. N’djamena’s port is on the Chari River near the tributary of the Logone River and faces Cameroon near Kousseri City. Begin your trip by relaxing to a lovely pleasant atmosphere by the views of the magnificent Chari River from the terrace of the Meridien Chari Hotel. The semi-arid climate is usually between 58°F to 107°F. The wet season is short, between June and September and the long dry season is from October to May, with the highest temperatures between the months of March and June.

Local inexpensive restaurants are not easy to locate, most are in the rear of the shops though narrow alleyways. Most are crowded at lunchtime with locals. However, you will discover many other restaurants in the city ranging from budget to pricey.


Grande Mosquee:

The Grande Mosquee is at the city center and the striking minarets setting can be seen from afar. The landmark is also a great point of interest to help you get around town.

Grand Marche (Central Market):

The central market area has colonial architecture along the wide streets lined with minibuses, internet cafes, banks, embassies, airlines, supermarkets and patisseries. Located in the West side of N’Djamena, to the east of Grand Marche are mud brick houses of local residents, street stalls, African bars and small shops.

N’Djamena Cathedral and the Musée National:

Its located at the east-west points of Avenue Charles de Gaulle and Avenue FelixEboue. The Presidential Palace is located to the East.


Douguia is a tourist center, just north of N’Djamena. Here you can take a boat trip on the Chari River (featuring spectacular sunset views) which forms the national border with Cameroon.

Hadjer el Hamis:

Hadjer el Hamis is a unique place to visit and see the volcanic Elephant Rock. To get a closer look, hire a 4WD. The road is made of soft sandy rocks. If you dare to hike up to the legs of the elephant, ask to be shown the best path.

N’Djamena Restaurants:

Experience a variety of food from Arab, Chadian and Chinese cuisines.  Here are just a few:

Restaurant Ali Baba
Tibesti(Hotel Kempinski): Beautiful/formal/pricey.
Cote Jardin:  Has  patio seating.
Carnivore: For a bit of jazz, food and wine. 

Zakouma National Park:

Another great option is to visit the Zakouma National Park in March or April and see herds of elephants, lions, giraffes, monkeys and wildebeests, including many varieties of birds and antelopes. They like to gather near the water for a bit. In Bol, you can see hundreds of birds and a hippo or two and floating islands between November thru February.

How about the Nile Crocodile in Ennedi? Although the Tibesti Mountains are off limits, the desert of Ennedi is a uniquely different place to visit, with prehistoric cave paintings, unusual rock formations, slot canyons complete with ancient sea arches. Enjoy!

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