Where to Go Out in Central Cartagena

Cartegena, ColumbiaIf you’ve been traveling around Colombia you’re probably expecting a pretty lively nightlife culture but unlike Bogota or Medellin, Cartagena’s bars are a little harder to stumble upon. The majority of things to see and do in Cartagena are within the walled portion of the city. As a result, this is where you will most likely be staying, eating and drinking.

Here, we’ve broken down a few key areas that should be within walking distance of the majority of hotels, hostels and guesthouses. But a word of warning, don’t expect Medellin-style raging in Cartagena. Blame it on what you will (probably the intense heat and humidity) but Cartagena is a little more laid back than the rest.

1. Plaza de los Coches:

This area acts as an unofficial center of the El Centro district which is where most of the tourist sites are located. At night this area caters to Salsa dancing and outdoor lounging. Its low key, but fun. Its also home to the infamous Tu Candela where CIA officials got caught soliciting prostitution.


2. Calle de la Media Luna (Media Luna 8B):

Located in the Getsemani district, this is where the majority of the cities’ hostels are located and as a result there are a few places to grab food and drinks. Every Wednesday the Media Luna Hostel hosts a huge party where the streets are blocked off to make room for the madness. But overall, the majority of places here are low key places where travelers come to unwind.

3. Iglesia de Santisima Trinidad Plaza:

Its not really a bar area so much as its a local square to hang out in and have a few cold ones. In the evenings locals come here to drink beers and eat street food. There’s one upscale wine bar and a number of food stalls selling hamburgers, hotdogs and other forms of street meat.

4. La Casa de la Cerveza:

Okay, its not a area of bars at all but it is unique enough to mention. La Casa de la Cerveza is an upscale bar and restaurant that has been built on top of the historical wall that surrounds to old town. It has great views and expensive drinks.  You can find it on the southeast corner of the Getsemani district.

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