Author: Rob Adams

ROB ADAMS is a San Francisco based street poet, writer, musician, publisher and educator, whose various text and rhythm based projects revolve around themes of impermanence, humor, and isolation. Rob has lived and worked in Asia, and called Australia home for nearly ten years, but in August 2010, Rob gave up his job, teaching for the Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology, to return to his native California. He currently chalks up poems on the sidewalk, has been known to write and play music in his singular sci-fi country bongo punk style, and is seeking literary representation and an office job that will harness is creative powers and his unique pan pacific perspective. Adams studied creative writing at Harvard University, San Francisco State University, and has a Masters of Creative Industries from Queensland University of Technology. His first book, Five Stories, was published in both Chinese and English in 2007 and distributed in Australia, the US, Canada, and Taiwan. In 2006, Rob founded the independent publishing house, Two Tongue Press, dedicated to publishing works in two languages. In his collaborations, interactions and solo projects, Adams embraces cross-cultural dialogue, and multi-disciplinary approaches to expression and practice.

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