Presenting … the Downtown Portland Sidewalk Ambassadors!

The Sidewalk Ambassadors are friendly and knowledgeable roving information guides. They are dedicated to making downtown Portland friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Think of them as mobile concierges. They are eager to help with any question – just ask!  The downtown Clean & Safe District runs the program to help visitors and residents alike enjoy everything downtown Portland has to offer.

Features of the Sidewalk Ambassador Program:

Sidewalk Ambassadors roam the streets of downtown Portland on foot, eyes wide open for folks who might need their help. With the help of their Mobile Information Kiosk (found in a new spot each week near downtown’s Pioneer Courthouse Square), the Sidewalk Ambassadors are equipped with maps and brochures about transit, attractions, outdoor activities, tours, performing arts, shopping, and more!. If that weren’t enough, the vintage-style Sidewalk Ambassador bicycle zips around downtown Portland, brochures displayed on back (seriously – everything we do in Portland, we do on a bike!). Finally, the Sidewalk Ambassadors tweet the latest haps several times each day (

How can a Sidewalk Ambassador help you?

Sidewalk Ambassadors are friendly and approachable, and can help guide your way on many matters. They can help with:
  • Shopping suggestions, ideas or guidance – great for gift-buying time!
  • Dining ideas: Lunch, dinner or happy hour suggestions. They’ll send you to the perfect spot. (Additional note: Portland is a fantastic city for dining!)
  • Planning a trip on TriMet, Portland’s award-winning transportation system.
  • Saving time on errands – find what you are looking for right away!
  • Finding reasonably priced parking – and not getting a ticket.
  • Selecting evening or weekend activities– concerts, events, attractions, outdoor activities, festivals, tours, contests, etc.
  • Suggesting itineraries and accommodations for out of town guests.
  • Finding a car rental. Or bike rental. Or kayak rental. Or 4-person bike rental…

Also — they might have funny jokes to brighten your day! (They’re pretty sassy, actually.)


  • Green shirt and black pants or shorts. In winter: a green, black and white coat.
  • International information sign on shirt or jacket.
  • Messenger bag full of maps and brochures.
  • Friendly, welcoming demeanor.
  • Sparkle in eye, huge smile, spring in step.

How to Contact the
Sidewalk Ambassadors:

  • Website:
  • Email address:
  • Twitter account:
June 9, 2011