Ukraine: Top Things to See and Do in Kyiv (Tourist Attractions)

With so many travelers looking to explore Kyiv, they may be wondering what they can find in this city. It has served as the capital of Ukraine for years now, which has given it a special prominence in the area. But Kyiv has been a major center for Slavic culture for centuries. Because of this, there is actually an incredible amount of cultural diversity for people to explore here.

Some people will naturally want to experience all they can while they are here. This could prove to be an excellent center for tourism of the greater region as well.

Most travelers will be interested in seeing these sights:

Monuments & Museums:

Many people will be impressed by the range of different monuments that dot the city. Kyiv was a major focal point on the Eastern Front during World War 2 and the city leaders have done much to commemorate this fact. They have built the Motherland statue, which is a sprawling monument that serves as the focal point for the Great Patriotic War Museum. Some residents may also want to see the Chernobyl Museum, which serves as a poignant reminder of that disaster. These trips can be integrated as part of a larger tour of the city as a whole.


Since Kyiv is the largest city in Ukraine, it makes sense that it also contains some excellent shopping opportunities. There are actually some big name fashion designers that operate out of this city. Some people will also want to head to the market at the Andriyivskyi Uzviz. This is an open market, where vendors will actually be selling some surprising goods for people. This will give visitors the support that they need to view some fascinating products made during the Communist era of the country.

Food & Drink:

The city is well known for its diverse array of different bars and restaurants. Visitors may want to check out how they can actually get linked up with some surprisingly high quality meals. They can dine at the Ikon restaurant, which offers some fusion takes on traditional dishes The Blyndzah and Orech are two popular bars in the area, which will be inviting for a unique travel experience.


Finally, anyone interested in capping off their Ukraine tourism experience should not miss out on a night time view of the cityscape. They may want to rent out a hotel in a high rise complex that can give them this kind of view. The D-Lux Club and Sky Bar are two popular locations with a view of the surrounding area as well.

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