Author: Angela Borella

Angela Borella was born in Tasmania….yes, the small island at the bottom of Australia, famous for its ferocious ‘devils’. After finishing her studies in radiology, she moved to London for two years to work and travel around the UK and Europe. Many pints of Boddington’s later, she moved back to Australia where she lived in Melbourne for 15 years with intermittent trips to break the monotony of daily life and a 9-5 job to Japan, Vietnam, Laos, China and Thailand.

Recently, she spent 18 months living in Bali, Indonesia, working as a volunteer for a large public hospital to help mentor and train the staff. She was fortunate to be able travel throughout Indonesia during that time to Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Lombok and can speak a little bahasa Indonesia.

After finding love in Bali, Angela is now living in Lisbon, Portugal. She will be taking the opportunity to travel and eat her way around Portugal and will also be studying Portuguese over the coming year. She’s an avid blogger, music freak, fanatical photographer and lover of life.

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