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Allison loves to write. Allison loves to travel. Allison loves to write about traveling. She doesn’t know anything about basic mathematic properties, but she’s pretty sure there’s one at work here. A PR professional who took a break to live in Barcelona for a year, Allison has traveled extensively throughout Europe and plans to continue to do so, even when her residence in Barcelona ends. Allison holds a B.A. in Communication Studies from Montclair State University and passed Improv Comedy 101 with flying colors. She is the head blogger at and the blog AliG Amusings. She also loves to cook and gives horrible high fives.

September 3, 2010 /
August 5, 2010 /

Dublin is a popular destination for those visiting the Emerald Isle, and it certainly deserves to be. Dublin is a city that offers rich culture and heritage, modern city entertainment and conveniences and locals who can enrich your visit, either by calling you a term of endearment or cursing at you. Coming from them, both make you feel welcome.