Author: Brent Bakeman

Brent Bakeman, a freelance writer and unconventional living enthusiast is based in Seattle, Washington. He was educated in Southern California with a study abroad stint in Cambridge but never finished college; nominated to the Air Force Academy and West Point by then Rep. Leon Panetta but never attended. An extensive traveler, Bakeman’s credits include hitch hiking throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, sneaking aboard, landing on and catapulting off an aircraft carrier, being locked in an airplane bathroom while in-flight at the age of seven, and crashing more parties than most people have attended. Fiction, non-fiction, travel, feature, copy, SEO/ SEM writing and even poetry by Brent Bakeman can be found extensively online as well as in an increasing number of print publications. Bakeman can be contacted at

August 20, 2010 /