Author: John Hammond

John (aka Taz) was born, raised and lived in Tasmania Australia until he turned 20 and got his first passport. Growing up he lived in tents, teepees, a horse drawn wagon, a tin shed eventually moving into a regular house with a flushable toilet at 15. Since 2001 he has been venturing around the world pursuing the snow and other adventures of the outdoor kind.
In 2001 he moved to New Zealand and undertook a snowboard instructing and avalanche safety management course which propelled him into a life of chasing the snow and “living the dream”. He has worked at resorts in New Zealand, Australia and the US training instructors, teaching private lessons, and coaching up and coming riders.
Small businesses also interested John and after running numerous projects as a teenager he started a VIP adventure guide business in the mid 2000’s. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, John planned and accompanied teenagers and families on adventures around the globe.
While still running his business he had plenty of time to return home to Tasmania, during which he got a degree in Business, majoring in Marketing and Management. He is now putting that degree to work as a Search Marketing Manager in San Francisco where he now resides.
Adventures are always just around the corner for John – who knows what he’ll be writing about next, but one thing’s for sure, he’ll be having fun!

July 13, 2011