Author: Kim Diehl

Kim Diehl got lucky: her father was a ramblin’ man. And a foodie. And a barhopper. And a lover of art, music, comedy and all things history. He was also a really obnoxious American tourist, but that’s how the rest of his family learned how not to behave when traveling in foreign lands. Plenty of her childhood was spent traveling on the U.S. roads, especially along the Gulf coast, with the main intention of eating great food. She also spent several summers in Europe having fun while riding around on those dopey tour busses, singing ridiculous songs like “Tiny Bubbles” with a lot of blue-haired little old ladies. The great result is that the whole gang grew up knowing that seeing the world was a very do-able thing, and not just something other people did.

As an adult, Kim continues to take up where the old man left off, travel-wise. She hits the road whenever possible, rooting out the best food, drinks, art, music, clubs, history and silly tours. She tries hard not to embarrass her country.

February 3, 2012 /