Author: Kristy Ann Muniz

Born and raised in the infamous Las Vegas, Kristy spent much of her youth rummaging around the old western towns emblematic of the scenic desert landscape that is Nevada, and road-tripping as frequently as possible through-out California. When she was still a teenager she decided to ditch the glamour of the casino lights and head to the eerie woods of Portland, Oregon. After a couple years of soaking up the hippy/grunge culture of the beautiful Northwest she pursued her life-long dream of living in New York City. Since her move to the big apple she has taken several breaks to explore the rest of the world, by spending a good deal of time wandering around Central America, Mexico, Europe, Canada, living in a van around America, and her personal favorite of exploring her family heritage in Cuba. Kristy writes for several online and local magazines and spends her daily life gallivanting around NYC, taking in everything that America’s biggest city has to offer.